The Three Bears Problem: Who’s Been Visiting My Webpage?

June 14th, 2013 in Design, Web audience capture data marketing

This week at Image+, we’ve been making contact with people we know are interested in our services, but whom we’ve never met or even spoken to. This ability to sell to a large number of qualified leads quickly and easily is the power of a website, and most importantly of data capture.

teddy bear and Mac PC

One of the key means of securing ROI from your website or other digital platform is to include some sort of data capture mechanism. Your content and products can build an audience, but it’s data capture which helps transform them into customers. Whether through engaging blogs or enticing social media, your digital communications need to point the visitor towards some sort of relationship with your company.

The details of your viewers are powerful marketing tools: they’ve already proven their interest in your products and services, and by capturing their email address or other contact details you can sell direct to a self-qualifying market. This is the real role of
your content: to entertain and educate your audience, of course, but also to build a community around your company.

There are all sorts of ways and means of doing this. The easiest is a subscription newsletter, offering regular correspondence to your visitors in return for their email address. Competitions serve a similar function – providing something for free in return for contact details. Of course, Twitter and Facebook by their very nature offer direct marketing opportunities without the need for extra data capture – but, as any salesperson will tell you, more information is always useful!

There’s another level, however, and that’s to analyse the traffic to your website. Google Analytics provides a surprising depth of data for a free service, allowing you to analyse a variety of information about your visitors, from favoured web browser to country of origin.

There are paid services, meanwhile, which allow you to capture IP addresses and other details, however, and at Image+ we’re experts in obtaining and then enabling you to use that data to market directly to hot prospects. This method requires no form-filling by your visitors, no input of any kind other than simply visiting your website. That makes it an enormously powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

In fact, we’ve been doing that ourselves just this week – so why not benefit from the lessons we’ve learned?