How Server Management Is Exactly Like Football (Sort of)

April 29th, 2016 in Uncategorized


Servers are like football players. If you only have one, your team is not going to do well: you need strength in depth and breadth if you’re to weather the whole match. And each player might be better in one area than another: speed or defence, complex play or stone-cold reliability.

It has been said – and it may be true – that I’m overly obsessed with football. But bear with me here: I run a company that has named each of its servers after Arsenal players. It’s a thing we do.

“Servers in the plural?” you may ask. And the answer’s yes: we have a bank of separate servers on which we host our clients’ sites. Why? Because multiple servers make each of our websites, and therefore all of your business, safer. Multiple servers spread risk: if one goes down, we haven’t lost every piece of data. We can fix the problem more quickly and more seamlessly.

And that’s what I mean by strength in breadth and depth. If your web agency parks every one of its websites – all of its databases and every bit of information – on a single server, it will take only one gremlin to bring the whole thing crashing down. And, let’s be honest: we’ve all used technology. The odd gremlin is inevitable.

So our team of servers has all the stability to make it through the full ninety minutes. Each of our servers is also configured to be the best in a specific area: from Thierry to Sanchez, Overmars to BFG (named in honour of Per Mertesacker – if you don’t get the reference, I’m not explaining it here!).

That is, one will be ideal for ecommerce sites; another will be perfect for brochure sites or ones backed up by a large bespoke database. Hector, named after Bellerin, the Premiership’s quickest player, is our fastest server ever. You get the picture.

Image+ hosting doesn’t just boast the best players in the game, though – it also has the advantage of the best management staff, too. Our server management service offers our clients the peace of mine that comes from expert maintenance and monitoring: we’ll keep an eye on the servers, make sure they’re running exactly as they should, and fix any problems before they grow up to be gremlins.

Your website will make specific demands on any server: the traffic your site will attract, the functions it will make available to its users, the anti-virus or firewall software it will require to be safe. All these elements will be weighed and balanced by the coach (my fellow Arsenal fan, Nick) – and a winning formula selected.

From server back-ups to migrations – and right up to recovery in event of a server failure – we’ll be there for you. Think of as your back-room boys, providing all the half-time oranges that ensure the team stays on the pitch, working hard for you.

Football managers spend their lives worrying about playing in 4-4-2 formation or 4-3-1-2 or whatever else. Nick spends a lot of time tinkering with server set-ups and security, applying updates and new installations to make sure your website is seamlessly delivered to your customers. Our aim is to minimise lag, interruptions and the dreaded crashes.

After all, that’s how a team wins silverware.