How Project Managment Is Like Pizzas

July 5th, 2013 in Bespoke, Development, Web management project Web

It’s easy to get so lost in everything you have got to do, that you wind up doing hardly any of it. Of course, as a business you find ways to manage your work stream – and our bucketful of happy customers goes some way to showing that we’ve made it into something of an art form. But there’s always room to improve.

Pizza App

In fact, so busy have we been in ensuring our customers get what they want, when they want it, that we’ve never quite got around to something we’ve always thought might help them even more. This is a common problem for web designers – when, whilst designing your client’s websites to be the very best they can be, do you get time to enhance your own web platforms? Finally, we’ve found time – and we’re pretty excited about it.

We’ve always wanted our very own web-based project schedule system, a web application with the power to make our project management even more efficient. It’s been designed to offer an easy way to manage projects, schedule tasks to team members, and generate precise dates – even times – when clients can expect to have specific tasks completed.

This precision is helpful to clients, of course – they can plan their marketing and other activities on the basis of very clear timelines – but also to us – because we can clearly plan work streams in such a way that we can move onto to the next project seamlessly and even more quickly than before.

Our clients will receive a Dominoes-style pizza dashboard: at every stage, this system will tell you that your ‘pizza’ is ordered, that it’s being prepared, that it’s in the oven, being quality checked or being delivered. Of course, this equates to the various stages of web design: in development, being built, being tested, awaiting final approval and, ultimately, visible to the world.

This visualisation of the project management really helps everyone understand where they are, where they’re going … and how long they can expect it to take. In today’s business environment, that sort of specificity is invaluable.

So we’re far from busy doing nothing – and we feel like we’ve got more time than ever before to devote to each project, properly and in its place! Everyone’s a winner.

Fancy a slice of pizza?