And They’re Off: Web Apps And The Competitive Edge

April 4th, 2013 in Bespoke, Web App Bespoke Web

Whilst putting together this month’s newsletter (for which you can sign up here), I looked back over our post about the Cheltenham Festival and SEO… and reflected that time is moving so quickly that we’ve already reached Grand National weekend! Time flies when you’re making websites, as the old saying almost goes.

742787371On which note, it’s worth pointing out to you some of the projects which have seen us glued to our screens recently. In particular, two new web applications have taken considerable effort, since they were built from the ground up, bespokely fitted to our clients’ needs.

Web applications are essentially modules you can plug into a website in order to achieve a certain effect or functionality. Many websites are required to fulfil a series of functions which can be applied ‘out of the box’: common demands such as blogging, interactive menus, video galleries and the like have tried-and-tested solutions which we can implement very smoothly, drawing on our experience of the range of options available.

But it’s also true that a website can achieve a great deal more, and if a client wants their online platform to serve a very specific, even unique, function, we’re always excited to help them achieve that. The code which makes websites work can be written from scratch – and the bespoke solutions we devise together may well become the ‘out of the box’ options of the future.

The first of the new applications we have recently developed is an order processing system for a courier company, Pro 21. Pro 21 had some very particular requirements, including the capacity to allow customers to book directly online, monitor the progress of consignments in real-time, and receive invoices smoothly and efficiently. In order to achieve this, the system has to apply a unique customer ID to each user, and handle an array of data, as well as boast an intuitive interface for customers and administrators alike.

Likewise, the web-based facilities management system we developed for Diamond FS had to handle a wide range of variables in such a way that the data outputted to customers made sense to them quickly and cleanly. Facilities management is a key element of any business with significant infrastructure, making not just the services Diamond FS offers, but the medium through which they are requested and monitored, crucial to both their own success and that of their clients. That made this web application a key element of their offering – and worth doing both properly and bespokely.

In fact, like the Grand National racecourse, which is famously tweaked and tested rigorously and continuously, web applications are all about detail: understanding the specific demands, challenges and opportunities of a given ‘course’ – and fitting the solution to them carefully and with a commitment to ongoing improvement. In this way, we can add real power to your website’s elbow – and give it a USP that will keep users coming back for more.